A full-service production company

Everyday people, and the stories they set in motion, are the passageway that allows brier to explore and transmute social, political and environmental topics into visually compelling, emotion-driven filmmaking.

These stories are our break into the brier, that once entered reveals to us a maze of pathways, of infinite connections and infinitesimal differences. That we're more connected than we may think.

We’re listeners

We story-tell with an openness to listen and to learn, and with an empathy for those vulnerable enough to share with us. We want to create the biggest impact with the smallest footprint — because we understand this may be new territory for us, and we want to tread lightly.

We’re collaborators

Brier understands filmmaking is not a one-size fits all endeavor. Every story we’re part of is a new and constantly evolving challenge — one that we’re proven capable of handling.

A talented group of folks, from DP’s & Producers to Editors / Post-Supervisors & Composers, we understand what it takes to get a project to completion.